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FOS Luminus Battery LED par PRO IP (DMX)
High quality professional battery operated led par, 6 led HEX RGBW+A+UV 12 watt ,IP Rating: IP54 top/ IP20 bottom, 100% true wireless DMX up to 400m visible control distance , Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with LG chem , battery life 12 hours at running single color , Beam angle: 25 degrees, OLED display with touch buttons, Infrared remote control.
FOS Stage Wind (DMX)
180 watt stage wind machine, High output, variable speed by 1 ch DMX , adjustable wind angle,1400 rounds /min, Output 2600 CBM/h, IP 54
FOS Cold Sparkle Effect
Cold sparkle Effect, DMX control, environment friendly, recyclable with low consumption, operating easily, low install cost and zero hidden danger for transportation.
Numark Party Mix Pro
DJ Controller with Built-In Light Show & Portable Speaker
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