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Directional Headset and Earset Microphone DPA FID F00-2
The DPA d:fine™ Directional Headset microphone, dual-ear takes head worn miniature mics to a different level with its modular design and miniature cardioid mic capsule.
Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone Shure PG52
Ideal for day-in, day-out use, Shure's Performance Gear Series microphones offer a complete vocal, instrument and drum selection. This is real gear without compromise.
Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone Shure PGA52
The PGA52 is designed to deliver clarity in kick drum and low-frequency performance and recording applications.
Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Shure PGA56
The PGA56 is designed for clear reproduction of the sound source in close-miking percussion applications
Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Shure PG56
The PG56 features an integrated stand mount and also includes a A50D drum mount which enables you to easily position the mic directly on a mic stand or a drum.
Cardioid Condenser Microphone Shure PG81
Ideal for day-in, day-out use, Shure's Performance Gear Series microphones offer a complete vocal, instrument and drum selection.
Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Shure PGA57
The PGA57 clearly reproduces sound sources in amplified instrument and acoustic drum performance and recording.
Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Shure SM57-LCE
An industry standard for performance and recording, the versatile and rugged SM57 is an exceptional instrument microphone and vocal microphone.
Cardioid Condenser Microphone Shure PGA81
The PGA81 is ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording.
Condenser Microphone Shure SM81-LC
Industry-standard mic renowned for sonic accuracy in stage and studio performances.
Vocal Microphone Shure Beta 58A
A high-output vocal microphone, the BETA 58A® features a shaped frequency response ideal for close-up vocals.
Kick Drum Microphone Shure Beta 52A
Optimized for low-frequency bass punch/high-power SPL handling. Designed for kick drum.
Gooseneck Condenser Microphone Shure Mikroflex MX412D
Gooseneck condenser microphones offer wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction.
Omnidirectional Earset Microphone Shure Countryman WCE6T
Practically invisible to live or broadcast audiences, the E6 is incredibly comfortable.
Wireless Bodypack Transmitter Shure UR1
Wireless Bodypack Transmitter. Removable antenna, highly durable. Eight hour battery life, 500 ft. range.
Electro Voice Evolve 50 speakers
The EVOLVE 50 Portable Column System is a three component loudspeaker system powered by a 1000 W Class-D amplifier and driven by Electro-Voice's QuickSmartDSP.
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