Need a few elements that will elevate your event to perfection?

Renting our equipment saves you money, time and effort.  Avoid unnecessary worries before and after the event!





































Business events, weddings, birthdays or conferences – all these events have something in common. A proper event equipment is necessary to create the right atmosphere, elegance, comfort or style of a certain gathering.

There is more to a proper event than just serving the guests with delicious food and playing appropriate music. Every event can have a different theme that will deliver a unique experience for your guests. One must not forget about the right choice of decoration for your event. Party rentals such as chair rentals, table rentals, proper lighting and other decor are just some of the details that make a significant difference when organizing an event. So, are you planning a corporate or a private event? Do you already know where to get the right event equipment? Hiša vizij is happy to help you with the organization and provide party supply rentals. We can help you decorate any location in any style or theme you prefer, and we can assure you will exceed all the expectations of your guests. This is the place where planning an event gets easier as you can get everything from renting event equipment to booking event management. At Hiša vizij we provide event equipment rental for all kinds of themes – you know what they say; the devil is in the details. You can choose from a variety of different chairs, sofas, tables, bars, counters, lights and other decors. We can create different themed events, such as industrial, vintage, elegant, and you can also choose from all kinds of small and themed decorations that will give the perfect finishing touch to the style of your event. For all larger events with a music group we can also arrange a stage, so all your guests will be able to see the performance. Our capacities can store enough equipment for larger business events or smaller birthday parties, so we offer event equipment rental to companies and private customers. Our specialists have already gained a lot of experience in organizing different kinds of social and gala events as well as weddings and birthdays. They will be happy to advise you on what type of equipment to choose in order to make your events unforgettable. You will not have to deal with the transport of the event equipment or its setup, so you will have more time to focus on other important tasks.


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